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 A cannabis dispensary or a marijuana dispensary is a storefront that dispenses medical marijuana, and in some cases even recreational marijuana. The word dispensary  comes from the latin word dispensaria. 

The dispensaries are a local government regulated physical locations, typically inside a retail storefront or an office building, where a stoner or patient may purchase marijuana  and cannabis related items for medical and/or recreational use. The first Disepensary in The United states opened in California in 1997. Although Amsterdam had dispensaries far before California, California has had a global reputation for producung some of the best, if not the best, weed in the world. 

Medical marijuana dispensaries may only sell cannabis products to patients with a valid medical card. These dispensaries sell cannabis products that have not been approved by the FDA and are not legally registered with the federal government


As of 2018 33 states have legalized medical marijuana. These include but are not limited to the following States:  Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Illinois, Michigan, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Washington, D.C.

A cannabis dispensary differs from retail stores known as head shops,  only state licensed cannabis dispensaries are authorized to sell cannabis. Head shops usually sell cigars and other tobacco related products. However, headshops are known to sell tools used to consume cannabis, like bongs and rolling papers. 


Electronic dispensaries or online dispensaries are designed to faciltate dispensing of and access to cannabis. Canada has online dispensaries since they legalized cannabis nationwide and can legally mail cannabis to patients  and consumers. 

How to Find the Best Marijuana Dispensary


Cannabis is winning! The legalization of marijuana is sweeping the nation, and dispensaries are opening their doors for business all over the country. If you live in a state like California, some of these dispensaries have been open for many years, first dispensary opened in 1997. So, the question is, how do we  find the best weed dispensary?

Forsure some dispensaries are better than others. Like in any industry, some  business always stand out because of the quality of product and services.

How to Find the Best Weed Dispensary

Here are a few tips to help find the best marijuana dispensary:  

1. Do a Google Search

Doing an online search with key terms as  "best dispensary" will be a good start. However,that could be time consuming. Many cannabis directory platforms exist but have bad reputations of having fake reviews. So, how can we find the best dispensary with so many reviews being fake?   

2. Check Social Media

Cannabis enthusiast can be very resourceful and with the Legalization of marijuana, dabbers and activists have shared valuable information on social media. Instagram has been very popular among the cannabis industry and dispensaries are opening accounts and sharing their stories. One can easliy read the comments and see if the dispensary is known to have high quality  weed and good service. Ask your dabbing buddies about their favorite dispensaries. They’ll usually know  which dispensaries carry the best strains, and  the best deals.  

3. Look to See Which Dispensary Carries Your  Favorite Strain(s)

At the end of the day it's ultimately up to you, the consumer,  and what you want to smoke. Competition has grown as more dispensaries continue to open, and more than one  dispensary near you may carry your favorite strain. So, this is a good time to compare dispensary weed prices. Look for a dispensary that will hook you up with  the best price.  

4. The Taste Test

After you have found a few dispensaries in your town that carries strains that you either like or strains that you want to try, Then it's time to take a trip to the local dispensaries and have the taste test, nothing beats first hand experience. This will surely give you an idea of the best dispensaries in your town.

Still Haven't Found The Best Marijuana Dispensary 

If you still haven't found the best dispensaries, then maybe it's time you download the Weedmenu App. Stop slacking on your pimping and start exploring all the latest cannabis brands and products. Weedmenu's algorithm allows the best dispensaries to earn the top spot on the app by the most viewed, video reviews and most thumbs up. Easily find the top dispensaries in the cannabis industry. 

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The active component of the marijuana plant, cannabinoids, have shown to inhibit tumor growth and kill cancer cells in lab testings. We work with a number of patients who use cannabis to treat their cancer and suppress it's side effects. 




Medical marijuana contains antispasmodic qualities which relax muscles and has shown to be an effective treatment for seizures. Marijuana oils that are rich in cannabidol (CBD), are the preferred method for treatment.

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Chronic Pain

Patients who suffer from chronic pain caused by diabetes, cancer, MS, HIV, and other diseases have been turning to medical marijuana as a way to treat their pain without the use of addictive pharmaceutical medications. marijuana dispensary cannabis


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